Sounds Like Teen Spirit

Dennis Harvey, Variety

“Just the right mix of affection and amusement…irresistible crowd pleaser…delightful”

Ellen Eastward, Shooting People

“Whole audience loved it! Really captures the spirit of the kids”

Elke De Pourq,

“Very funny and moving…stole our hearts”

Richard Ouzounian, Toronto Star.

“Fresh and original… part of a new generation of filmmakers well worth watching”


‘Sounds Like Teen Spirit’ is the warmly comic story of childhood, innocence, teen-dreams and singing off-key.

Marrying the affectionate indie humour of ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ with the charm and emotion of ‘Stand by Me’, ‘Sounds Like Teen Spirit’ follows the journey of 4 loveable-losers to the world’s largest children’s song-writing contest including all the foibles of growing up along the way.

Featuring music by ABBA, Roxy Music, The Who, Henri Mancini and Belgium’s infamous Singing Nun ‘Sounds Like Teen Spirit’ celebrates the underdog spirit of heroic amateurism in what Variety describes as an ‘irrestistible crowd pleaser… delightful’.

MoviePic writes how Teen Spirit ‘leaves you all teary and tenderhearted’ and IndiePix called it ‘the hit of the festival’, following its Toronto Premiere.

‘Sounds Like Teen Spirit’ is directed by BAFTA, Broadcast and Gierson nominated ‘best new director’ Jamie J Johnson and produced by British indie veterans Elizabeth Karlsen and Stephen Woolley.

… A star is Bjorn

A UK Film Council presentation, in association with Aramid Entertainment, C4 British Documentary Film Foundation, of an Elizabeth Karlsen, Stephen Woolley, Number 9 Films production, in association with Audley Films
Produced by Elizabeth Karlsen, Stephen Woolley. Executive Producers Jess Search, Maxyne Franklin, Simon Fawcett, Paul White. Co-Producer Kate Lawrence. Directed by Jamie J Johnson.

The DVD of critically acclaimed Sounds Like Teen Spirit is now on sale.

Directed by Jamie J Johnson, the film was released in May 2009 by Warner Music Entertainment and has already cemented its place as a firm cult favourite amongst both audiences and critics.

Loaded with extras and deleted scenes you’ll want to own this “hilarious and uplifting” “irresistible crowd pleaser”.

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