And When Did You Last See Your Father?

“Blake Morrison’s memoir has been turned into an intelligent and heartfelt film.”

The Guardian – 4*
“Blake Morrison’s memoir has been turned into an intelligent and heartfelt film”

“David Nicholls’s clear adaptation intercuts between the unendurable pathos of the father’s deathbed, and the son’s childhood memories in flashback.”

Jim Broadbent is “on terrific form”

“A first rate cast is very well directed by Anand Tucker”

“You would need a heart of stone not to be moved Broadbent’s excellent performance…This deeply felt film from Anand Tucker deserves to be seen.”

The Independent – 4*
“David Nicholls and director Anand Tucker, who between them have finessed Morrison’s pained intimacies into a deeply affectionate film.”

“Tucker’s gliding, sinuous camerawork is beautiful, both in its corner-of-the-eye watchfulness and its hints of turmoil…A palpable hit…”

“A lush and emotionally emphatic film, honest and intelligent”

The Daily Mail – 4*
“This bittersweet memoir is a well crafted, beautifully acted little film.”

The Independent on Saturday – 4*
“The near-universal story is made extremely touching by its spare telling, observation of details emotional honesty”

The Sunday Telegraph – 4*
“Broadbent gives a magnificent performance”

The Observer – 4*
“Broadbent perfectly captures the wily, duplicitous, breezy, cantankerous saloon-bar charmer”

The “excellent, beautifully crafted version of Blake’s book.”

Empire – 4*
“A superior British drama”.

The Evening Standard – 4*
“Engrossing and emotionally powerful.”

Time Out – 4*

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