Their Finest

A co-production with Wildgaze Films (An Education), Gaby Chiappe adapts Lissa Evans’ brilliantly comic and heartbreaking book about one girl’s war, working in the ministry of information writing women’s dialogue or “slop” for the propaganda effort. Set against the backdrop of the London blitz, the film shows how in the extremities and atrocities of war people’s wit, humility and sheer courage overcome the depressingly hopeless situation, and even the most unlikely romances can bloom. Told with the staccato wit and innuendo of His Girl Friday but matched with the sheer exuberance of the first Ealing films, Their Finest tella the story of valiant fortitude seen through the eyes of a not so innocent young girl from the valleys. Developed with the assistance of BBC Films.

“Lone Scherfig’s sweet-natured story is all about the love that flowers in the ruins of the blitz and the dusty offices of the Ministry of Information film unit.”

Released in cinemas 21st April 2017.

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